Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MRI - Tumor is STABLE!

I want to thank everyone who wished me luck and prayed for me today as I went in for my second MRI to monitor my brain tumor.  I was surprisingly not too nervous.  Probably because this morning I was busy with the kids so I didn't even have much time to think about it.  Owen had his last day with the therapists that have been working with him for the last two years.  I cried dropping him off in the morning and cried even harder picking him up and hugging them all goodbye.  I am stopping over at the school on Friday to drop off their end of the year gifts but I just can't even explain how important they have been in both Owen's life and MINE.  Thankfully, Jen his amazing occupational therapist that has been with him for the last semester will be with him next year at his new school but Cathy, Emily and Pat who have been with him two straight years had their very last day with him today.  Now I am crying again.....  These three loved Owen like he was there own, pushed him to achieve his goals, got him back on track after seizure set backs, were there for him when he struggled to adjust after I got sick, were there for ME when I needed support.  They are the very reason Owen is going to thrive in kindergarten next year.  I hope they know how amazing they are and how thankful Jamie and I are that they came into our lives.

So after tearful hugs, I dropped the boys off at home and Jamie and I drove over to Froedtert.  Talk about a yucky rainy day.  I started with a blood draw and then had my MRI.  I was so nervous for the MRI because my last experience was not a good one, a total fluke with what happened but non the less I was really nervous about the contrast being put through my IV.  Thankfully today's MRI went really smoothly.  Karl over in the Pavillion radiation department was SO nice.  He got my head nice and snug, gave me a warm blanket, was so sweet to talk to and hand injected the contrast.  I was in and out in like 40 minutes tops.  Then Jamie and I made our way ALL the way back to the Cancer Center.  That place is like a maze, I am TERRIBLE with geography but somehow I can find my way through a hospital building like a pro.  :)

We had a short wait to see my doctor who immediately told us that the scans all looked great!  Tumor looks exactly the same as it did two months ago.  That's pretty much the best we can ask for, no new growth.  My blood work looked ok, my platelets dropped a bit but nothing alarming so onto month THREE of chemo!  Usually after my doctor appointment we just walk right down the hall to the pharmacy to grab the medication so I can start it Monday BUT my amazing (that was VERY sarcastic) insurance company decided that "for my convience" I now need to get it from a pharmacy that will mail it to me.  So now instead of meeting with my doctor and walking down the hall to get it NOW my doctor has to fax in the prescription, we have to wait 2-7 days for approval, then we need to arrange a time for them to deliver it to my house and I have to be physically present to accept delivery.  Now doesn't that sound more "convenient"?  So now instead of taking my pills Monday through Friday I will have to start them on Wednesday or Thursday when I finally get them.  I will have to take them over the weekend too which kind of sucks because you can't have any calories after 6pm which is kind of lame on a weekend.  BUT what can you do?  I could go on and on about the stupid insurance but I won't because I am just happy that my scans all looked good!

We have been having a great time lately with the boys too.  We had a few days of real "summer like" weather.  Now we are back to cold and rain.  This past weekend the church right by our house had a big festival.  It might be Owen's favorite weekend of the whole summer.  We get to walk to the festival and he rode a ton of rides.  On Saturday we had a big group over, the kids all played in our yard, we ate dinner here and then walked to the fair.  The kids had a blast at the fair and then we walked home and all the kids ran around the yard with flashlights and glow sticks and we started a movie and popcorn party at 9pm.  Just so fun to see the kids all together. We are so fortunate to have such a great group of friends.

My best friend from IL Liz even came up with her husband and their two cuties.  We became friends while running track in college, we don't see each other nearly enough but every time we get together but when we do actually see each it's just like old times.  

So again, I want to thank EVERYONE for all the love and support.  Sometimes I still feel like I am stuck in a Lifetime movie and can't believe how our life has changed.  Sometimes I feel like time is going so slow and other times I feel like it's flying by.  I can't believe that I am already on my third month of chemo.  I will be happy to be done with chemo and want it to go by quickly but I also want time to go by slowly so I can enjoy as much time with my boys as possible.  I am really looking forward to this summer, they are both at such a fun age and will keep me busy all day long but I wouldn't have it any other way.

As always here are some photos.

LOOK... I am getting hair... on the left side at least.  The right side is still pretty bald, I am REALLY hoping it grows back on the right side!  There are two pretty big scars though so it may not be too pretty.  Time will tell.  

Well that's all for tonight. I am EXHAUSTED.  Not sure what it is but days with doctors appointments just zap you.  Hoping to get some rest tonight. 

Thanks for the love!  Night!

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