Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Month 3 of Chemo

Month 3 of Chemo! 

Well on Monday I started my third round of chemo.  We had to switch to a pharmacy that mails the meds in order for it to be covered by our insurance so I was nervous that I wouldn't get it until mid week but thankfully it came on Saturday so I will take the meds Monday - Friday this week.  I want to keep it that way because you can't have anything with calories after 6pm on the five days you take the chemo and it would stink to have to do that on the weekend.  Not the end of the world but I was hoping to keep on track with my Monday-Friday schedule.  For now we stay on track and I can still enjoy a beer on the weekend!  My first month of chemo was ROUGH.  I was SO tired I could barely function.  Month two was WAY easier even though my dosage was increased so we kind of figured this month would tell us more of how I would handle chemo for the remainder of the time.  I was hoping it would follow suit with the second month and so far it has.  It's only Wednesday but so far I feel pretty good.  Definitely tired but doing as good as I could expect.  I am able to keep up with the boys all day.  I even did baths tonight, the last two months by the end of the day I just didn't have much left in me but so far this week I am hanging in there.  

For some reason the weeks I take the meds I don't have much of an appetite, nothing ever sounds or looks good.  Jamie is getting annoyed with me having no opinion on what we should have for dinner.  :)  Not sure why he asks me anyways.  If I did have something in particular in mind he always chooses something else.  I decide on chicken, he makes pork.  I really shouldn't complain, he cooks 90% of the meals around here and he's a really GOOD cook.  I am the baker and I don't do much baking in the summer, more of a winter thing.  AND my wig burns when I use the stove, yeah the more I think about it the more I should just let Jamie rule the kitchen and cook whatever he wants.

Speaking of Jamie.... we had a great Father's Day this past weekend.  Had a really nice weekend, my dad came to visit us Saturday night before flying to Phoenix to see Abi, Jordan and Piper and then we were with Jamie's family on Sunday.  I know I mention Jamie a lot but I am SO beyond blessed to have him.   He is the best dad to Owen and Jacob.  They are both already little mini versions of him.  Well Jacob is a mini version of Jamie with my spunk (also know as attitude).  Don't they refer to those types of kids as "spirited".  They copy everything he does.  This past week he was teaching them how to start a charcoal grill.  So cute watching the two boys listen to him explain how to pile the charcoal.  The second the lawn mower starts they are outside picking up sticks to throw in the fire pit.  Jamie does most of the grocery shopping (because he LIKES to) and the boys love to go with him and help unload all the groceries.  Jamie can fix anything and the boys sit and watch and he explains all the tools and what he is doing.  I sometimes envy his patience with them.  Then I remind myself he is away from them at work all day so he SHOULD have patience for them.  :)  Here are a few photos from Father's Day.  I love and respect this guy more than I could ever describe in words.  

  Father's Day was the 15th which also marked the SIX month mark from when I had my seizure and was diagnosed with the brain tumor.  Hard to believe that six months ago our lives were forever changed.  In six months we went from going about our everyday life to learning I had a brain tumor, undergoing brain surgery, 6 weeks of daily radiation, weekly blood draws, countless doctor appointments and now chemo.  Not to mention a lot of stuff with Owen.  I remember when I was first diagnosed I was ready to take on the world, blogged every night, had so much to say.  Then the reality of treatment hits you.  It kind of consumes your life.  I was getting treatment, taking care of the kids, going to doctor appointments and just trying to make it through the day.  I kind of slowed down for a bit.  I am excited to say that I am finally getting back to my old self. Feeling more energetic.  Ready to inspire and make a difference.  I actually just spoke with Froedtert today.  I had brought up my idea for Random Acts of Kindness in my blogs a few months back.  Ideas of things we could do right at the Cancer Center to make a difference in peoples lives.  Froedtert has had some meetings to come up with a game plan and I will be meeting with them in July to discuss how we can put these ideas into ACTION!  I am really looking forward to working with a team to make a difference for patients at the Cancer Center, give support to those who need it, bring positivity, help those who are having a bad day.  I have said this before but there are so many people that are battling over there and SO many things we can do, even little things to help them along their journey!  Can't wait to get started.

And lastly.... ONE good thing about having a serious health issue.  When you ask your husband to meet you so he can snap some photos of you and the kids, he doesn't ask questions or complains...he comes and takes the photos.  Here are a few photos of my and my loves.  :)

Thank you so much for your love and support.



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