Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!

So tomorrow officially starts the beginning of my journey to beat this brain tumor.  10:45 am tomorrow is my very first radiation treatment. It's still very surreal, a month a half ago I thought I was completely healthy, didn't have a single symptom of this large tumor that has been growing inside me for awhile, probably years.  I would have never imagined that waking up one night with a numb foot would have lead to all this; a seizure, cat scans, MRIs, a brain tumor diagnosis, emergency brain surgery and biopsy and now radiation.  It still doesn't seem real, like this is really happening to me.  I am ready for tomorrow though, ready to start treatment and make steps towards getting me better.  I pray the radiation works and that my tumor doesn't grow again for a VERY long time.  I know we have a long road ahead of us and this is just the very beginning but I am ready to fight.  Ready for the daily radiation, endless doctor's appointments and scans and MRIs, ready to face whatever side effects are thrown my way.  I am sick of just walking around with this thing in my head and not doing anything about it, I ready to fight, I WANT to fight.  I know I am strong enough for this.

This past month and a half has shown me so much about my family, my friends, strangers.  I have never loved my kids or Jamie more.  I have never understood how much you need the support or your family and friends.  Everyone has stepped up, showed so much support, been there for us.  I can't thank everyone enough.  Now it's my turn to step, to show everyone that I can do this... that i really do "GOT THIS".  I promise to share my this journey with you, both the good and the bad.  I see tomorrow as a GOOD day, the start of my new beginning.  I am honestly more nervous about Owen going back to school for the first time in like a month than I am for my radiation.  Please pray that he has a good morning and heads off to school without a major meltdown as that will break my heart.  Please pray for me as well, that the radiation works, that tumor responds well to treatment and shrinks or at least stops growing for a very long time.  Pray that I stay positive and optimistic throughout, that I don't have any really bad side effects, that I still have energy to love on my kids every minute I can, that the love Jamie and I have for each other continues to grow every single day, that I share my good days to inspire others, that I have lots of love to lift me up on my bad days. 

Thank you everyone for the love and support thus far.  Special thanks to Tim and Danelle for the yummy dinner tonight!  Thanks to Barb for treating me to an AMAZING massage yesterday.  Thanks to my sister in law Niki for spending the morning with me yesterday and my other sister in law Lindsay for watching the boys all day and thanks to my brother in law Andrew for helping Jamie around our house all day today.  

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