Thursday, February 13, 2014

An AMAZING Wig Shopping Experience

Talk about an AMAZING day!

So today was the day we got to travel to Madison to meet the wonderful Lindsey Reinke from Whitney Hair and Wellness who donated an amazing wig to me.  Lindsey was bound and determined to give me a wonderful wig shopping experience and she definitely did that AND MORE!

Get ready for lots of photos!  
Special thanks to Bridget of BMae Photography for capturing some of these amazing shots below!

I was overwhelmed by the generosity of all the people that donated such amazing gifts for today!  Thanks to Laurie, Paula, Sylinda, Madison Mom Blog, Amy, Danielle, Sharon, Karla & Family, Bethany, Megan and Seth of Bruce Company, Tiffany, Heidi, Katie, Brandi, Wendy, Ashley, Mary, Cindy, Linda, Tara, Ashley, Heidi, Aunt Becky, Aunt Sara and Mama May.  I think I got everyone but if I missed anyone I am SO sorry.  I can't even believe how blessed I am to have experienced such a day!  There was a whole table filled with gifts and treats, just unbelievable.  

I am just not even sure how to describe how amazing Lindsey is.  She is the type of person that you immediately feel like you have known for years.  You can tell in an instant that she has the sweetest more caring heart.  A woman that not only feels for others but goes out of her way to put stuff into action to make a difference in this world.  After we left her salon we couldn't stop talking about how amazing she was, we know we will be life long friends and we hope she takes us up on the offer to join us for Christmas!  :)  

Simply put.. 
The world needs more people like Lindsey Reinke!  

Me and the ever generous Lindsey, isn't she adorable!!!

A great support team here!  Lindsay, Amy, Carol and Kim.. I am SO blessed to have them all in my life and by my side through all this!

 I was SO happy that my mom was able to make the trip.  My Godmother Rosemary drove her down from Stevens Point.  My mom has been recovering from double knee replacement surgery so this was no easy task for her to get here but we haven't been able to see each other since her surgery and since I started radiation so it was so special to have here there.  My Aunt Mary came along too as a surprise!  So fun to see them all!  Thanks again Rosemary and Aunt Mary for making this possible for my mom to experience!

The wig is amazing!  It's still in Madison as Lindsey is going to darken the roots, add some low lights and cut it a bit more.  Hopefully my hair will stick around with me for another week or so but it will definitely make losing my hair much less depressing knowing that I have this amazing wig!  The actual hair is SO soft!  In case you don't know much about wigs, which was ME until about a week ago, there are real hair wigs and synthetic wigs.  This is a real hair wig made with real hair so you actually have to wash and dry it and then style it with a curling iron or flat iron just like you would your own hair.  You can see in the photos above we were playing around and have one side curled and one side flat ironed.  The part that goes on your head is called the cap and this wig had the SOFTEST cap ever!  Will be so nice on my bald and sensitive scalp.  I was so lucky that Lindsey reached out and offered me this amazing gift and so lucky that so many important women in my life were able to experience this with me!  All in all, it was a great day!

Then I got home and found that not only had my dad sent me roses for Valentine's Day but that my friend Liz who was here babysitting all day decorated my house for Valentine's Day.  Talk about a great end to my day.  Thank you SO much Liz for hanging with the boys all day today so I could spend the afternoon in Madison.  Looking forward to us getting some time together with you next Thursday! Also a HUGE thanks to Erin for the amazing dinner.  The dessert was a huge hit.  Jacob LOVES his truck book and Owen had me read the super hero book three times at bedtime tonight!  Both were BIG hits! 

Well, today was a long day.  I am going to spend about 30 minutes cleaning this house and then I am heading to bed.  I already turned my heated blanket on.  Looking forward to snuggling my boys tomorrow and having a lazy day and then Jamie and I are heading out to dinner for Valentine's day!  Really looking forward to a night out with Jamie, we need it badly.  We have both been so busy lately I fee like we haven't had time to just relax and talk and to be honest, I miss him.  I am not sure if I will type a blog tomorrow night as we will probably be out late for dinner and then want to come home and relax so I will take a minute now to just let everyone know how lucky I am to have Jamie as my Valentine.  He is by far the most caring and generous man.  He has been with me through every step of this journey, although he doesn't always have the right words, he definitely knows when I need a hug, a cuddle or just time to myself.  He is the best father anyone could ever ask for.  Owen and Jacob love him so much and look up to him and copy his every move.  I know Owen and Jacob will both grow up to be amazing men, husbands and dads because they learn so much everyday by watching Jamie.  He has SO much on his plate right now and you would never know.  He is the rock of this family and I love him more than I could ever write in words.  I don't know what I ever did in my life to deserve someone as strong and supportive as Jamie but I so thankful to have him by my side everyday. 
 I love you Jamie!

I hope everyone has a great Valentine's day tomorrow!  Be sure to give your kiddos extra hugs and kisses!  

 Here is me and the my two snuggle bugs when I got home from Madison today. Some days these two drive me crazy but I am SO lucky to have these two munchkins in my life. 

And thanks again to Lindsey for a day we will never forget!  Keep on spreading your positivity and love Lindsey.. you touched a lot of hearts today, especially mine!

Thank you to everyone following my journey!  

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