Saturday, February 15, 2014

Had a great Valentine's Day

February 15th ... wow two months since I had my seizure and was diagnosed with my brain tumor.  Hard to believe that was two months ago.  Lots has happened in the last two months, we have learned a lot, had some really crappy days and some really great days.  I continue to just try and take things day by day, being as positive as I can.  Some days are easier than others but I am just so lucky to have such a great support system! 

We had a great Valentine's yesterday.  I went for radiation in the morning.  I have TWO full weeks done, only four left to go.  My scalp is so SORE!!!!  Feels like a really bad sunburn.  I just showered about an hour ago but was even a little nervous to do that because I knew it would kill to brush my hair but I sucked it up and got it done.  My sister in law drove me to radiation yesterday and then we ran to Target and had lunch together.  Nice to get out for a bit.  My good friend Jen was home with my boys.  Then Jamie and I went out for a great steak dinner at The Butler Inn in Pewaukee, our favorite place for steak.  A huge thanks to those who surprised us and wanted to pitch in towards giving us a special night out.  Thanks to Adele and my Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill.  We also received a card from a blog follower that didn't sign their name.  So sweet.  
We had a 7:30 reservation but the restaraunt was a little behind so we ended up having to stand in the bar for awhile.  At one point an older couple got up and started dancing.  I am guessing they were in their 60s.  Jamie had just walked back over to the bar to get himself another Captain and Coke.  I found myself started to tear up watching this couple.  I should have been laughing as the man was actually really funny but the only thought that was going through my head was will Jamie and I will able to dance together in 30 years, God I hope so!  So then I was mad at myself for letting my mind go there and I quickly tried to compose myself before Jamie came back.  I don't think Jamie noticed and I just stood there trying to think happy thoughts when all of a sudden we noticed someone walking towards us, a man our age.  He walked up to me and asked if I had a blog, I said "yes" and he told me that his wife had recognized me from across the room and that she follows my blog and they wanted to pay for our meal tonight.  So sweet, so thoughtful, so generous.  There I was moments earlier trying not to cry about this older couple dancing and then all of a sudden an instant reminder of what I need to be focusing on, all the good that I have in my life right now.  How I am surrounded my people who care and are cheering for me even when I least expect it.  So THANK YOU so much to Kyle and Nicky (sorry if I spelled your names incorrectly).  Not only was that SO unbelievably generous of you but also took my mind from a sad place and instantly put me back on track with focusing on the good.
Jamie and I had a great meal, thought the whole time about how lucky we are to have so much support.  It felt good to get out just the two of us, have a little time to just forget about everything that is going on and enjoy each other. 

Today Owen and Jamie went to see the new Lego movie with Owen's cousin Cooper and his dad Billy.  Thanks again Katie M. for the tickets!  They both loved it and then they all went out for lunch.  I think Owen enjoyed having a little one on one time with Jamie.  We have had so much help around here lately which is AMAZING and greatly needed but I think the kids are kind of missing quiet time with mom and dad.  We are working on trying to incorporate some more one on one time into our schedules each week but it's not always easy.  While they were gone, Jacob and I played and cleaned.  The two don't really go together in case you were wondering.  Our house still looks like it was hit by a tornado. I was going to clean some more after writing this blog but that is definitely not happening.  

Lindsey R. from Whitney Hair and Wellness in Madison made me laugh so hard today when I saw she had posted a photo of my wig.  She commented that if I was feeling relaxed this morning it was because I was getting a cut and color! Here is "me" getting my cut and color.

The finished product!
This was just air dried which is how I will probably style it most days as I am not real big into spending a ton of time on my hair so I am so excited it looks this awesome just air dried.  Thanks again Lindsey for being so amazing! It really looks like me sitting there!

This afternoon was pretty boring, both boys took good naps and then we ran to the grocery store as a family this evening.  Got some good stuff for smoothies in the morning and a few things we needed to get together tomorrow morning for my nephews 18th birthday get together.
Here are my two cuties at the grocery store.  

Well I am exhausted, really should have napped today.  

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day yesterday.  Off to get this mama some much needed rest! 

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