Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Overwhelmed By the Love I Received Today ... Keep Those Photos Coming!

WOW... that is about all I can say to outpouring of love and support I received today.  I threw a photo challenge at you all today and man did you all come through.  I can't even begin to tell you how big my smile was today seeing everyone out there that is cheering for us.  I didn't plan this but this was EXACTLY what I needed today, tomorrow is my dry run for radiation and this is just the boost of positivity and encouragement I needed.  I loved ALL the photos!  The morning ones of everyone in their pjs, the blurry ones with kids in action, the creative ones with everyone in superhero attire, kids happily playing a box labeled YOU GOT THIS, snuggled up before bedtime... .it just warms my heart to see all these photos and to know that you took this photo with our family in mind.  To know we have so many people cheering for us just makes the days seem easier, it really does.  First thing in the morning I will be plugging all the names of everyone that posted a photo into a online random name picker and one person will win a $50 Amazon gift card.  Fun! 

We had a pretty good day around here ourselves.  I was kind of obsessively checking my phone to see what new photos were posted.  The boys are a little stir crazy.  At least we got out of the house this afternoon for our family photos.  I will be anxious to see how they turned out.  Chris was amazing and patient with us.  Owen was pretty good.  Jacob was well..... let's just say uncooperative.  I can think of other words to use but will stick with uncooperative.  He pretty much stomped around yelling "NO" and it didn't help that in the first five minutes he tried diving onto a couch but dove too soon and smashed his head into the bottom of it.  Typical.  I cried a few times during photos and had to recompose myself.  Just thinking about WHY we were taking the photos was a bit overwhelming.  Good thing I had Jacob there to scream and throw fits to side track my thoughts and bring me back to thoughts of "why won't this frickin' kid stop arching back and screaming".  SERIOUSLY!  How hard is it to just sit for like 3 minutes and look nice.  Apparently very, VERY hard.  Special thanks to Jamie who was so patient.  As most of you know, pictures are not usually the husbands favorite thing to do, add in a screaming 18 month old and it's REALLY not their favorite thing.  BUT he put on his dress shirt and nice shoes and didn't complain and helped the whole time and never once complained.  I think next time we will all have a cocktail or two before hand.  Thanks again to Christine Plamann for working with us on such short notice.  She was great with the kids and I highly recommend her, can't wait to see the images she captured! 

Well tomorrow is back to school and daycare for Owen and Jacob.  Both have been in this house for FAR too long.  We are slightly nervous about sending Owen back.  He is still having a bit of struggle adjusting to his medicine but night time seems to be the hardest.  Jamie works from home on Wednesdays until I am done with treatment so we figure tomorrow will be a good test run and if it's too much the teachers can call and we can go get him right away.  I think he will enjoy being back that.  To be honest, Jamie and I are a bit run down and so having three teachers and a classroom full of kids with lots of energy will be better than sitting home all day with mom and dad who just need a few minutes to breath and catch up.  We have my dry run for my radiation tomorrow at 10:30.  I may see if they let Jamie into the room to get a photo of me laying on the table with my mask.  Then we have Jacob's 18 month check up at 3:30.  Should be a busy day.  

  Well thanks again for all the love!  A special thanks to Christy for dinner tonight, it was DELICIOUS!  Keep those photos coming.  I will be drawing for the $50 Amazon gift card in the morning so get those photos POSTED!  

Good night!

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  1. Hi! My friend Nicole Sullivan asked me to please have you get in touch with her. Her 7 yo nephew had a brain tumor and they told him about a healthier treatment alternative. She'd like to tell you about it in hopes that it can help you. She's very distraught by your story. Here's the link to her FB page so that you can reach out to her. She couldn't get on to comment on your blog so she asked me to for her. https://www.facebook.com/nwilcoxsullivan?fref=ts
    Thanks! Shannon


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