Monday, January 27, 2014

Will We Ever Get Back To A Normal Routine?

So more cold weather meant NO school again!  This is the second time that Owen was finally ready to go back after a long time off only to have school canceled due to freezing temperatures.  Tomorrow is another day at home, tomorrow will mark our ELEVENTH day being stuck in our house since we got home from the hospital with Owen.  We need to get back into the routine!  Wednesday, Wednesday will be our day to get back into the swing of things.  Both boys will be in school/daycare on Wednesday and I have my dry run for radiation.

Today was a pretty good day.  Jamie woke up feeling better so thank you to everyone who sent feel better vibes his way, they worked!  Jacob kept me BUSY today!  I don't spend much time talking about Jacob on my blog so I thought I would give him a little love on here today.

  He is SUCH a different child than Owen ever was.  He is 18 months and busy, crazy, opinionated and not easily distracted.  Owen and I were playing hide and seek this morning  when all of a sudden I realized I hadn't heard much from Jacob in awhile.  You know that feeling when it's been a little too quiet for a little too long?  Well then Owen and I had to stop OUR game of hide and seek to find Jacob who had gone missing in our teeny tiny house.  We found him in the bath tub with the shower curtain closed.  Sitting on the soaking wet bath mat playing with the soap.  I literally could have rung his fleece pjs out they were so wet and he wasn't bothered in the least.  This is NOT good that he can just climb right into the tub.  Only a matter of time until he realizes he can turn the water on. 
A few minutes later I found him here..
 A perfectly safe place to brush your teeth!  Standing on a skinny bench IN a wood tray that is half on the bench and half off!  JEEZ!  Talk about giving me a heart attack!  

This is Jacob's current favorite thing to do.  He LOVES Owen's crane.  He will load up little characters (always The Hulk, Robin or Batman) and give them rides.  He lifts them up and down over and over again and then makes the crane spin all the way around in a circle and thinks it's the coolest thing ever. 

 I mentioned he was opinionated right?  This face is SO Jacob.  This is him telling me that he wanted to drink out of my water bottle and not the cup I just poured him water in.  Life is rough Jacob, life is SO rough.  :) 

We watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 tonight.  Well actually we watched it until about 30 minutes into the movie when a guy talks about cutting the cheese and then farts, then we watched that 10 second part over and over and over.  I am not even kidding, Owen kept rewinding and re-watching that part for almost an hour and a half.  He was laughing so hard he had the hiccups and almost barfed.  Yes, Jacob is eating a piece of bread in this photo.  I don't know what is with that kid, he is currently obsessed with bread!  Guess he is craving the carbs.  :)

So that was our day today, nothing exciting or medical or inspirational.  Just me and my two boys hanging out and tomorrow will be the same thing.  

Well actually tomorrow at 3pm we have our family photos!  YAY!  I am SO excited for them!  Thanks again to Christine Plamann Photography for working with us.  Hoping the boys cooperate!  I feel like when I work with families their kids are always so good but now that it's our turn it will probably be a total disaster!  Fingers crossed they both hold it together and work with us so we can get some nice photos!  

Speaking of photos.... I have been meaning to get my weekly photo theme going and have yet to do it!  SORRY! Jeez, you I could get my stuff together over here.  So I have a PHOTO CHALLENGE for tomorrow.  

For my readers that are following me via Facebook with young kiddos at home... I want to see how many of you can post a photo of YOU with your kids tomorrow.  Doesn't need to be a professional photo, just a photo that you take tomorrow that includes you and your kids.  Have your husband snap one of you all in your pjs first thing in the morning, set up your camera with the self timer, get one during dinner time prep, whatever it takes.  I want to see who is reading my blog and how adorable their littles are!  Here is one of me and the boys from tonight.  Super dirty window in the background and all.  :)  Post your photo in the comment section of my blog post on Facebook and also on your wall for everyone to see.  Who knows, one lucky person just might win a little something.  You just never know.  :) No cheating either and posting an old photo, I want you all to get that camera out TOMORROW!
 Can't wait to see all the photos! 

Alright, off to find a snack and then I am heading to bed.  Turning on my heated blanket right now!  


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