Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Short Post

Well this will be a short post.  It's been a weird day.  On Friday we weaned my Decadron steroid down to the level I will be at through a portion of my radiation and I feel off.  I have had a terrible headache and just feel kind of weak, shaky and out of focus. I really hate taking medicine at all so it drives me crazy that I have to take such strong stuff now that really effects how I feel on a daily basis.  I had to laugh today when I looked up Decadron to just see if some of the things I was feeling were side effects or withdrawl from the medicine.  I read that one of the side effects was "moon face".  That about sums up how I feel about my big, huge water retaining face from this drug.. MOON FACE!  Looking forward to getting a chin, cheek bones and a neck back sometime in the near future.  
And as I am feeling weird because I am reducing medicine, Owen's dosage of medicine went UP again today and I can tell he is definitely feeling slightly off.  He is also a little shaky and off.  He had a few blow ups with Jacob today and it breaks my heart because he will get so mad at Jacob about something but then you can tell Owen feels so bad for getting upset.  I know it's not Owen, it's just the medicine causing him to loose his temper so quickly.  I am trying my best to keep the peace, maintain order and keep Owen in a happy place.  He is such an amazing kid and I personally know how all this medicine can make you feel so yucky so I am just trying to be there for him and be as supportive and positive as I can be while still teaching him it's not okay to kick and punch our brother.  
And then as if Owen and I both feeling off wasn't enough, Jamie ended up getting the stomach bug which had him in bed ALL day today.  Poor guy finally hit his wall today both physically and emotionally.  I promised I wouldn't "blog" about him but keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he wakes up in a better place tomorrow.  He means the world to me and my heart was truly breaking for him today.
Today I had planned on going to the mall with my sister in law Lindsay to just get out of the house for a bit.  Luckily is still worked out.  I got both boys down for naps and then Lindsay picked me up and my parents came over so Jamie was able to rest while I got a little time out in the real world.  Felt great to get out!  Then we got home and Owen's physical therapist Pat came over to drop off dinner.  Owen wanted Pat to come in and say hello and we had the nicest visit.  Pat is an amazing woman that we have been so blessed to have come into our lives last year.  She's about as close to family as they come and it felt so great to be able to chat with her for a few minutes.  Also, she brought the MOST amazing meal!  
We also got to spend the evening with my mom and dad.  They live in Stevens Point so it was great to spend a bit of time with them.  My mom is going in for double knee replacement surgery on Wednesday so please also keep her in your prayers.  She's about as tough as they come though so I have no doubt she will be back up and running in no time flat.  The boys both had fun playing with Grandma and Grandpa too!  They are on their drive back to Stevens Point right now crawling along in this bad weather.  
Ended my night playing Candy Land and Chutes and Ladder with Owen.  He totally cheated and won both games.  

I just finished eating this amazing piece of dessert from Pat and now I am off to snuggle Jamie and probably treat him to a nice back rub; he needs and deserves it!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and stays warm with this new batch of FREEZING cold weather headed our way!  
Good night!

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