Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just a short blog post for today.  We are heading to Lindsay and Billy's for New Year's Eve tonight and Jamie is currently trying to pack the car and get both kids dressed and in coats while I type this so he is REALLY asking that I keep this short.  :)

The doctor's appointments went okay today.  I am just pretty drained and not feeling my normal self.  I guess I was due for one of these days.  Lots of info was thrown at us today, we were there for almost 3 hours.  We have another meeting Wednesday at 9am to get our plan together for radiation but for now it sounds like we will start in late January with some additional imaging and other things they will need to map out my radiation.  Sounds like they will be going right at the top of my head so I should have a pretty terrible reverse mohawk.  Guess I kind of thought treatment would be where they already shaved my head but I guess I was wrong.  Kind of a bummer but what can you do.  Good thing my hair was never my claim to fame anyways!

Well we are off for the night, hope to be more upbeat tomorrow with lots of hope and great ideas for 2014.  I PROMISE that I am starting a portion to this blog dedicated to inspiring everyone to get their camera out more to photograph the every day lives of their kids!  I plan to post weekly themes to get you taking photos of everyday stuff.  I have been talking about doing this for awhile and I am finally going to follow through with it so hopefully I have some interest in people that want to follow our weekly themes.  so keep your eyes out for that.  

AND LASTLY.. my adorable sister Abi is 11 days overdue today!  She has been in the hospital all day and still is not going into labor.  Pray that this baby makes her way out and that she has a quick and safe delivery.  I think a brand new baby is just what we need!
This is a photo from this morning before they went in, she does NOT look like she is 41-1/2 weeks does she?!!!!! 

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