Monday, April 28, 2014

First week of chemo pills is DONE!

I haven't posted in awhile, sorry i haven't updated!  Part of the reason I haven't posted lately is because I used to post as it was therapeutic to me. To be able to write out my emotions and get it all out.  Lately I have mentally been feeling really good so I kind of felt like writing a blog was just a reminder that I had crap going on in my life.  My days have been good, it is all just normal life.  Chemo pills mixed in and feeling a bit tired but I just didn't feel the need to sit down and vent if that makes sense.  BUT I also know that I have a army of support that is looking for updates... my family included.  My mom and sister have made numerous comments that I need to email or blog so they know what the heck is going on... SO here it is. :)

My first month of chemo pills are already over!  I took them Monday through Friday last week. Now I have 23 days off and then I will start again with another five pills on May 19th if all my blood work looks okay. I always refer to it as "oral" chemo which is just a term we made up because I always mispronounce the real name Temodar. I guess when you see the letters in front of you it's easy but just talking about it without seeing the word I can never remember so ORAL chemo is the official name.  :)  The first week went well.  Honestly the hardest part was that I couldn't eat after 6pm.  Not a huge deal, I just ate an early dinner but it's so habit to just go and scout through the pantry after the kids are in bed. Numerous times I had something in my hand and had to put it back. It's only five days a month though so I am pretty sure I can handle it even if Jamie is eating ice cream at 10pm while we watch tv.  He always asks permission before he brings food in.  

Dorky photo of me and my last pill of month 1

So I actually felt pretty good the whole time.  Yesterday I was really tired and took a four hour nap which felt amazing and then this evening I started feeling really crumby.  Nauseous and dizzy, assuming that is from the chemo but who knows.  Nothing terrible just a few dizzy spells and an overall feeling of yucky.  Going to get some blood work done tomorrow.  Hopefully everything looks okay.  I have to have it done every week, this isn't something special I am doing because of how I felt. 

So other than that, it's just normal life.  Went to Target and Trader Joe's today with Jacob.  He insisted on pushing his OWN cart at Trader Joe's and unloading all the stuff at the register.  I am sure he was glad Owen wasn't there so he could do it himself. 

Jacob has turned into a little stinker lately, as if he wasn't before.  Owen will hide our iPad mini in his pajama drawer so Jacob won't get it and lately if Jacob is at school or downtown stairs he will come up to me and say "where Owen" and when I tell him he is downstairs or at school he will run to his room and grab the iPad and hide and play it and then he is always sure to put it back in Owen's drawer so Owen doesn't know.  Sneaky... very sneaky!  I better not be finding water in our vodka bottles in 15 years Mr. Jacob!

Jacob has always been Mr. Independent and today he has decided that he no longer wants to be set in the car seat, usually I just carry him to the car and set him in and buckle him.  Well as of today he needs to be set down outside the car so he can climb into the car himself, climb in the car seat and buckle himself.  He is unable to buckle himself but does NOT want help.  So I literally need to tack on another 10 minutes to anywhere we need to go and then listen to him scream after I finally lose patience and buckle him up myself.  ALSO.. tonight I was in the kitchen cleaning up and him and Owen were playing downstairs when all of a sudden I hear Jacob yelling POTTY and I went downstairs and he was standing on the bathroom with the toilet seat up and his pants down!  I set him on there and he peed!  WHAT?!  It was a TEENY TINY amount but he did that all on his own.  He was VERY happy with his "elmo" (M&M) reward.  

Owen has been a really good listener lately and I can tell that he is really making an effort to talk nicer to Jacob and be a good big brother.  He has his kindergarten assesement on Friday.  How is he going to be in kingergarten?!  I am totally THAT parent that still needs to turn in registration papers.  Whoops!  We are still trying to figure out why his speech is so on one day and so off the next.  He has been really tired lately so we are really trying to get him to bed early.  On days he doesn't have school he has been napping for 3-4 hours!  Poor guy.

Well that's it for now.  Thank you everyone that has been thinking of us.  We appreciate the support.  Thanks to Christy for the super yummy dinner too! 

Hopefully I will keep posting, even if it's just our everyday boring life.  Here's to hoping for warm, DRY weather sometime SOON!

Jamie isn't going to be happy that I posted this, he thinks he looks like Lurch.  :)  At least everyone is looking at the camera.

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