Saturday, March 1, 2014

March = MORE SNOW?!

It's snowing again!  Hello, it's March!  I think officially time for winter to head out and for spring to come rolling in.  Not only am I sick of winter but all the snow is so dirty and gross now too!  


Had a really nice day today and this post should be boring with really no medical stuff!  How cool is that?  A post about just a regular old day!  I went to bed last night at 10 and slept until 6:30 this morning!  I can't even remember the last time I got eight hours of sleep. I felt AMAZING this morning!  Had so much more energy and patience, just nice to feel like myself.  We have been having a great time visiting with Abi, Piper and Jordan.  Piper is so cute and such a good baby.
Jacob has enjoyed tickling her and doesn't really understand how to be GENTLE!  We have to keep a close eye on him.  :)
And this is what Jacob looks like the second I hold Piper in my arms. Lucky for him a third child is most likely NOT in our future.
Owen's mood has improved this weekend too.  Not sure if it's the fact that he napped yesterday and today, the fact that he just got to relax and have lazy days or that it's been Abi here everyday versus a different person every day of the week but whatever the reason, I am LOVING having my happy Owen back.  He's got a bad cold right now that Jacob was nice enough to pass along to us but he has been smiling more, being silly and just more like his old self. 
Owen was SO pumped when I came across a gift bag that was hidden behind a pile of stuff in our toy room.  My college friend Jess had given this to us and it's just been sitting hidden in our house for like a week!  Owen was so excited when I brought it over for him and Jacob to unwrap.  How awesome is the bag?
The boys were SO excited. They both got personalized little bags with tooth paste and tooth brushes inside.  BOTH of them IMMEDIATELY had to brush their teeth.  :)  There was also a Super Hero book that was personalized with Owen's name!  He thought it was the COOLEST thing ever!  Jess also put in the most heartfelt note.  Thank you so much Jess!  You are SO sweet!  This was SO thoughtful of you.

Here are a few photos of me snuggling Piper, Jacob is out of the photo screaming and crying on the floor somewhere. 

So that is pretty much it.  Just some regular old days.  I am still having to get used to constantly wearing a hat or wig.  I have lost A LOT more hair since the last photo I posted.  Basically I have a small patch of bangs and then a mullet in the back and and big U shaped of baldness everywhere else.  I am really contemplating buzzing it all off because it looks so horrendous but right now if I wear a hat I can still make a teeny tiny messy ponytail so it looks like I still have some hair.  Plus when I wear my wig, there is a clip in front that secures really nice and tight to my bangs.  We are really trying to keep Owen from seeing me without a wig or a hat as I look so drastically different.  This morning he came into our room while we were still asleep and Jamie woke up and saw him standing by our bed and threw a pillow over my head super quickly and then I just threw on a baseball hat that I have on my night stand.  Weird to wear a hat in bed.  :) I am sure at some point Owen is going to see it but for now, he really has enough going on in his life that we don't need to freak him out about this too. You really look A LOT different without your hair, let me tell you. It's really weird to even look at myself in the mirror. 

This morning we did a super quick little photo shoot with Abi, Jordan and Piper.  I was supposed to be down in Phoenix to do newborn photos which obviously didn't work out so we did some 6 week old photos this morning at my house.  Not the most ideal lighting but we worked with what we had and got some really cute shots.  I can't wait to edit more but here is one little preview photo of Jordan and Piper.  So sweet!  Felt great to get back behind the camera too!  I need to do MORE of that, I had so much fun!

Alright, I am off to get Owen to bed and then I am attempting to wash my wig . Wish me luck.  I hope I get it styled as nicely as Lindsey had it!  

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