Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fatigue has officially set in

Just realized I haven't posted a blog since Wednesday, I think that is the longest I have gone without a posting.  It's been a few days for two reasons... 

 #1 - nothing too exciting has been going on around here which is a good thing. 

#2 - I have been TIRED!!! 

They told me when I started radiation that fatigue was the main side effect (well that and hair loss) and usually fatigue can set in your last week or two of radiation.  I guess because I had been feeling pretty good all along I thought I was immune to the fatigue side effect, WRONG.  It hit be big time this past week.  I am still functioning but I am really, really tired.  Yesterday I took two long naps and was still ready for bed at about 9pm.  I am also kind of losing my appetite, nothing really looks or tastes good.  It's almost like your first trimester of being pregnant, really tired and nauseous.  Thankfully this is my LAST week of radiation!! I can't hardly believe how fast the time has gone by.  They say the fatigue usually lasts for a week or two after you finish radiation while your body continues to heal so hopefully I just have two or three weeks left of feeling tired and then I can get back to my normal self!

Not too much has been going on in our house lately.  Friday night I arranged for Jamie to have a guy's night.  They all went out for dinner and then came back to our house to play poker.  Jamie really deserved a night out, he's been handling a lot lately and never really gets time to relax and unwind himself.  Not sure how smart the guys were staying up until 3:30am but who am I to judge. :) 

We have just been trying to spend some good quality family time together.  Jamie has been really busy with work lately so enjoyed relaxing together Saturday and Sunday as a family.  We did lots of legos, reading, movies and snuggling.

This morning I was feeling a little bit better and since it was a nice sunny day and like 25 degrees out we decided to go to the zoo.  I love Wisconsin, 25 degrees and it feels like spring and we can't wait to get outside and run around and get some fresh air.  There were LOTS of people at the zoo doing the exact same thing. 

I forgot how AMAZING it feels to get outside the house with the boys and do something fun.  We have been stuck inside for WAY too long.  I can not wait to be able to drive in exactly ONE week!  To be able to go to the zoo or the library or out for ice cream!  I miss doing stuff like this with the boys SO much.  Seeing how happy we all were walking around the zoo together today just felt so amazing.  Jamie was getting kind of annoyed at our pace.  Jacob walked most of the time and he likes to stop and look at every puddle and snow bank and there were LOTS of them!  I just told Jamie it's okay if we only get to two animals, it just felt so good to be walking around outside and talking with the boys and seeing them smile at everything.  I felt like a new person!  It was so fun to see Jacob enjoy all the animals.  We went to the zoo like 3 times a week all last summer but he was so little then and now he seems so much more mature, he can say most of the animals names and was running from one animal to the next so excited.  Owen was actually kind of nice to Jacob while we were there too.  These two usually fight non stop but Owen actually held Jacob's hand a few times as they looked at animals together.  I think Jacob's favorite was the cow's and Owen always loves the giraffes.

It was also so nice with daylight savings that it was still light out at like 6:45pm!  The boys were so tired from today that they still went to bed easily at a decent time so that was nice.  Owen was extra tired, we were at the zoo all morning and then he played outside in the snow for probably a good hour this evening.  He went down his slide on the swingset about a 20 times and probably ate 10lbs of snow.  :) 

A huge tanks to Nada who made us a delicious dinner on Friday night!  Saturday we had homemade Chinese food from Cindy and Craig.  Chinese is Owen's FAVORITE!  Their meal also came with all sorts of goodies for the boys.  They LOVED the towels and you should have seen how many bubbles Owen had in his bath tonight!  My college roommate Julie dropped off dinner for tonight and Jamie was THRILLED!  I was dying laughing as he was unpacking everything, he was SO excited.  They dropped off delicious steaks for our meal tonight.  Jamie couldn't get the grill fired up fast enough.  Plus another great meal for tomorrow and soup for lunch and chocolate eclair that I am digging into the second I post this blog.  So thank you to everyone for the amazing meals!  We are so fortunate to have such amazing family and friends.  

So tomorrow is Monday, my last week of radiation!  I look forward to ringing the bell up there on the third floor on Friday to let everyone know that I have completed my six weeks!  Hard to believe that NEXT week I will not be going to Froedtert every day AND I will be driving!  My mood hasn't been the greatest lately, just tired, worn out and stressed so I am looking forward warmer weather and the freedom of driving.  Hoping to collect more info in the next few weeks as well that will help guide us in our decision regarding chemo for me and possible brain surgery for Owen.  Hopefully we get a few boring weeks of normalcy before the next round of craziness starts.  

Alright, that dessert is calling my name!  Hope everyone had a great weekend! 


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