Monday, February 10, 2014

Moving Forward, Encouraging Positivity!

So I was contemplating what to do regarding my blog.  This has all been SO much.  My blog was meant to be a place for me to share my day, keep my family and friends up to date on my treatment and now that's just not the case anymore. 

I seriously considered not blogging anymore and just emailing my family updates and I am still contemplating that BUT I truly enjoyed my blog.  I enjoyed sharing my story and honestly I feel that now that I have reached so many people I really want to use this as a platform to help others and spread the love to others!

So for tonight's blog I want to clear a few things up regarding all the craziness that has transpired and then move on.

1. I have not been accepting all these "freebies" that have been offered in the past few days.  I have accepted a real wig from Whitney Hair and Wellness in Madison that I will be going to Thurdsay, Robert Laurence in Shorewood has also offered me a synthetic wig which I accepted but actually our insurance may cover and I have accepted the donation from Waxwing in Shorewood as they donated 10% of their sales to me from last Friday.  Yes, many other people have reached out to me with offers, NO I have not accepted any.  

2.  Just to be clear, the comment that was made that started this whole internet craze was NOT said by Sharon.  She was there and laughed at the situation but the comment was made by the sales associate NOT by Sharon.

3. ALL I want to do is move forward.  I have a HUGE battle ahead of me and this ordeal with the wig shop is NOT the battle I need to be spending my energy on.  I REALLY want to use this to do whatever we can to do good for other's.  I stated this in my other blog post that I STRONGLY encourage you all to go out this week and do a random act of kindness instead of getting caught up in this frenzy.  Instead of spending our time reading all the different Facebook and internet comments go out and do something to help make someone's day better.   It doesn't have to be something extravagent or expensive, hold a door for a mom you see struggling to wrangle her kids into the a store in this cold weather or make a valentine for an elderly neighbor.  I plan to try and do stuff all week, even if it's simple.  Today the only place I went to was Froedert, I am normally walking down the halls with my head down looking at my cell phone.  Today I made a conscious effort to keep my phone in my pocket and look at people as I passed them and smile.  SO small but if you will remember, when Owen was at Children's and I was walking through the hallway underground to Froedert to have my radiation mask made and I was just about on the verge of a break down, a man walking in the other direction simply smiled at me and that one smile changed my attitude, lifted my spirits so I figured the least I could do today was smile instead of having my head buried in my phone.  I hope to do more "substantial" random acts of kindness through out the week!

  Although I am not sure exactly how genuine Sharon's apology was, I only heard it through word of mouth anyways I am happy that even Sharon is trying to create some positive out of this.  From what I have heard she wanted to donate $10 of every wig sale trough the end of the year to me and hold a fundraiser at the end of March as well.  I hope Sharon follows through on both of these great ideas.  However, I have such a strong support system around me so instead of sending the money my way I would love for her to send the money to charity.  Donate it to the Froedert Cancer Center or to brain tumor research.

Also, if you were one of the people that contacted me through out the entire ordeal to offer me something whether it be a wig, massage, etc I am sorry I have not responded.  I have not responded for two reasons, the first being that I did not want to accept anything as this was not my intent and the second being this was just so overwhelming I simply did not have time to respond.  However, I do think it was amazing the amount of love and support that came from this.  Although I never intended for this to go "viral" the outpouring of positive support was unbelievable. If you are out there still looking to do good and donate anything, whether it be a wig, $5 starbucks gift card or a certificate for a night out for dinner by all means, please donate! I would love to pass that on to someone else.  I am in the Cancer Center five days a week and I can tell you first hand there are a LOT of people battling over there.  My story may be public because of my blog but that does not entitle me to receive special treatment and freebies.  What it does entitle me to do is use this as a platform to create awareness and accept donations that can be given to others, others who are fighting battles just like me but that aren't blogging about it.  People that are silently battling on their own without the same army behind them that I have.  I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have the support I have of family, friends and strangers around the world but I also know there are people going through things like this that have no one to lean on.  My heart truly breaks for them.  I will be in touch with Froedert this week to see what I can work out.  I don't want to collect these donations myself but will see if we can set something up at the Cancer Center, a fund or donation site in my name.  So that people can drop off or mail these donations directly to the Cancer Center and they can be given away there as random acts of kindness.  How amazing if the radiation department had a box of gift cards to local restaraunts so when they had a patient in that was just having a really rough day they could give that patient a gift card so they could go out for a nice dinner.  Isn't this a better way to focus our time and energy?  There is SO much we can do for others, so let's do it!

So... be on the look out for what I can come up.  Not sure who to contact at Froedert about this idea.  To anyone that is reading this that works there, let me know who to contact over there.  I would love to set up a place that people can donate gift cards that can be distrubuted through out the Cancer Center that can be given away randomly.

So that is all for today.  I had an okay day.  Been having headaches lately, need to try and get more rest to see if these headaches are just from the lack of sleep I have gotten lately with Jacob being so sick or if we think the headaches are from radiation in which case my steroid dosage may go back up.  Boo.  Owen had a great day at school today!  They are getting ready for their Valentine's Day party, how fun.  By the way, if you read last night's blog, I am happy to announce the kleenx box was right on top of the garbage without a spec of food on it!  :) Wrapped it in brown kraft paper (and by kraft paper I mean a paper grocery bag) and Owen told me he decorated it with a purple marker.  :)

AND with all this craziness, after I got Owen to bed, I went to take my medication only to realize I was out of my seizure meds.  Jamie had to fly over to the pharmacy to get some more and he was given our prescription and told it was already paid for.  I believe some got US with a random act of kindness.  So to whoever you are, THANK YOU!

I am off to bed.  Thanks to everyone for the support!

Good night!

and I will leave you with a story I received today via Facebook of a random act of kindness..

Yesterday 2-9-14 I went to diseney on ice in milwaukee with my daughter and fiancé. I had 4 tickets for 24$ seats and I only needed three. I saw a man and his daughter parking next to me in the parking structure so I tapped on his window and gave him the extra ticket. When I got in line I saw another lady had an extra ticket she was giving away as well. I went to get it for the man and his daughter but she gave it to an elderly man before I got her attention. I told the man with his daughter " I almost got u both in for free but someone beat me to it. He smiled and said I know I saw u trying to get the ticket from her. He thanked me and said he was greatful for the 24$ I already saved him. Hopefully he used the extra money he saved to buy his daughter a little toy or something.
 - Danny B.

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