Thursday, February 20, 2014


So I could fill you in on my boring day... dropped Owen off at school, he did okay, went to radiation and that went well, lost a TON more hair today, took a nap, played with Jacob......


Look who I got to meet today!!!


My little sister and Piper flew in from Phoenix today!  I FINALLY got to meet and hold and kiss her!  She's perfect!  I love her to pieces!  Can't wait to spend the next week with her!  She will definitely remember me as the aunt that never sets down her camera.  :)  

For those of you that are new to our story, my little sister Abi and her husband Jordan live in Phoenix and gave birth to Piper Mae in early January.  I had airfare booked to go and visit but obviously had to cancel the trip due to all my medical stuff so we have been counting down the days until Abi and Piper made their way to visit US!  They are in town for over a week, yippee!

 First snuggles!  Swoon....

Jacob wasn't real sure he liked mom holding a new baby.  Don't worry Jacob, we won't be having one of our own anytime soon.  :)

This photo makes me laugh, Jacob wants to get IN my arms and it looks like Piper wants to get OUT of my arms.  Do you think we have enough toys in the background here?

How great does Abi look for just having given birth a little over a month ago AND just getting off a 4 hour flight?

Love Piper's face here, pretty sure she's saying "the camera AGAIN?!"

And that's it for tonight!  A really special day for us to finally meet Piper and to see my sister for the first time since all this brain tumor non sense started.  Looking forward to spending time with her this week and catching up.  SO wish they lived closer! 

Well I am off to clean the house up before I head to bed.  I was REALLY tired today.  Guess what, after tomorrow's radiation I will officially be HALF WAY done!  How awesome is that?

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