Sunday, January 19, 2014

We are HOME as a family of FOUR!

It was a long week but Jacob finally got dropped off at our house this afternoon and we were back to our happy little family of FOUR!!!  Don't mind that Jacob is totally spaced out into the movie The Croods in this photo, I was just happy to get him sitting still for a photo, can't be too picky about having him look and smile too!  :) 

Had a pretty great day today.  We were torn between having Jacob dropped off in the morning as we missed him so much or having him spend the day at Nonni and Poppi's.  Owen was still pretty off balance and emotional today so we decided that as much as we missed Jacob, Owen still needed our full attention for another day.  Owen insisted on playing the Wii and the iPad all day, I think we are going to have a problem scaling back the time on those but for today we were just trying to keep him to the couch so we let it slide.  Owen finally got an appetite back today which I think helped his energy level and he ended up taking a three hour nap which was great.  Even more great was I got to nap for TWO full hours!  Felt AMAZING!!  Owen woke up and had peed through his pull up, normally having to wash all the bedding would annoy me but I was happy to do it, happy that he finally had the energy to drink enough to actually pee through a pull up.  So we stripped his bed, threw it all in the wash and Jamie and I both gave him a bath.  He still can't really sit up on his own so it was still a two person job to give him a bath.  Tomorrow I hope to get him back to going to the bathroom on the toilet!  He has been in pullups since like Wednesday, he has been so out of it, he doesn't even know he's peeing in pullups. (fyi - he's been potty trained for years)  Hoping tomorrow he has enough strength to sit on the toilet, we tried tonight before he went to bed and we had to catch him before he fell right into the bowl, whoops!   

I was so excited to see Jacob!  I left him with my sister Kim Tuesday morning and he spent SIX full days bouncing from house to house to house.  It was so weird for me.  Since Owen was born 5-1/2 years ago I think we have left him overnight MAYBE 5 times EVER.  We just never feel comfortable doing it, between his medications, seizures, etc we just never like having him sleep places so it was so weird to just have Jacob at different houses each day without me even packing his things and giving really specific instructions.  Turns out he did great with everyone.  :)  He was REALLY excited to see Daddy when he got home, I knew he would be.  Him and Jamie have become very close over the last month.  I haven't been able to lift him so Jamie has been in charge of bedtime and lots of other stuff with him.  It was just so good to have that silly guy back in the house.  When he saw Owen sitting on the couch he had the biggest smile and ran over and crawled right up next to him. I cried because it was so cute.  Then Jacob tried touching Owen's iPad and Owen screamed and cried and then Jacob cried and i just laughed and loved it.  My boys, fighting again.... I truly missed it.

Then Jacob ran into Owen's room and came back out like this...
Police hat, rifle in one hand, hand cuffs in the other. Love him!

It was just perfection.  Both boys are still adjusting a bit but to be back in our house together is just the best. We had the best meal that was dropped off by my high school friend Katie.  Everything we needed for tacos and nachos.  Nachos are Owen's absolute favorite so he was happy as could be.  Both the boys LOVED the rice and had like 5 helpings!

Then it was just a NORMAL night.  Playing, fighting, folding laundry, arguing over who had what sippy cup and then ending the night with snacks with the boys on opposite ends of the couch with pillows stacked between them to keep them from fighting over each others snacks. 

At the very end of the night, Owen really started perking up.  He was even able to take a few steps on his own.  Hoping that with another good night's sleep he will be close to walking completely on his own tomorrow.  Guessing he will probably be home from school all week while he adjusts to his meds so we will get lots of snuggle time in this week.  

Bedtime went great tonight too.  Took Jacob into his room at 7, read him a few books and laid him in his crib and he immediately curled up and closed his eyes.  Then Owen and I snuggled and read four Llama Llama books, our favorite and after we closed the last one up he laid his head on his pillow and closed his eyes.  The perfect end to our day, just a normal bedtime.  Hoping for lots more normal in the days to come for my boys.  

And now that Owen's stuff is done and we are just waiting to see how he handles all the new medications I can now switch my attention over to me.  I have lots coming up.  This week Wednesday I have all my cognitive testing over at Froedert to get a baseline prior to radiation.  I think the testing takes 3 or 4 hours and then they will repeat it after my six weeks of therapy to determine if and what therapy is needed to get me back on my game. :)  I was hoping that Jamie could do the testing with me because it would be nice to know once and for all who is smarter but sounds like the doctors don't really have time for that.  :) Then next week Wednesday we do my dry run for radiation where I go in and they get everything all set up and make sure everything is perfect and then Monday, February 3rd it's GO time!  Although I am not excited about my creepy mask and the fact that I may feel pretty crappy for like 6 weeks and definitely not excited about losing my hair, I am actually excited to start radiation.  Excited to DO something about this stupid tumor.  It's weird walking around with a tumor in your head wondering if it's growing and if it's going to start effecting you, feels better to be the one in charge, going in there and doing something to take charge.  Let's kill this thing, right?! 

I still have lots to coordinate as far as daycare, rides, appointments, etc but it's all coming together nicely.  Just trying to stay organized and on top of everything.  Feels so much better when everything is organized and structured.  Jamie even bought me one of these old people pill organizers for all my medicine.  Between my medicine and Owen's it's actually hard to keep track of, I had mentioned a few days ago that one of these might be helpful and wasn't shocked at all when Jamie bought it on his first trip to Walgreens.  
What can I say.. it's true love. 

Well today is January, 19th... in two months it will be March, 19th, I will have completed my six weeks of radiation, I will be driving again, I will begin to resume normal life.  TWO months away.... that is like NOTHING.. I can do this!  I can definitely do this!  



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