Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Great Day

{You know it's great day when you get this awesome cookie bouquet!}
Well I was hoping that after yesterday's crappy day that today would be better and it was!  Still having lots of problem sleeping, finally fell asleep around 12:30 and was up for the day at 4:30am.  I have been laying in bed until the kids wake up most mornings but today I got out of bed and did some work on my computer, organized some files, cleaned up my desktop, etc.  Felt weird to be up so early but it gets so boring just laying in bed sometimes.  We are decreasing the steriods I am taking and the doctors said this should help me sleep so far I haven't seem any improvements.  It seems kind of freaky to me to reduce the steroids.  I am taking the steroids to reduce the swelling that was in my brain, the swelling is what caused the massive seizure and now we are just weaning the steroids back down and I am supposed to closely monitor how I feel.  I didn't have any indications prior to the last seizure that would have led me to believe something was wrong, i just woke up with a numb foot and then had a seizure so now that I am being weaned off I am slightly freaked out, okay SUPER freaked out over everything I feel.  All the meds I am on have me feeling so weird to begin with, some days I am full of energy, some days I am tired, I get dizzy, antsy, anxious, moody.  It's hard to know what is from what.  Is it stress, the medicine, the tumor, something just wrong with my brain, you could go crazy over analyzing every little thing.  It's kind of annoying but I am learning to deal with it.  

Okay - so back to my day.  Jacob finally woke up around 6:30, funny how I used to dread the sound of the kids waking up, wishing for just five more minutes of sleep.  Now I am awake two hours earlier than him and just staring at his monitor waiting for his perfect little body to start squirming and waking up.  Never before have I watched Jacob wake up and appreciate just how cute he is.  This morning he sat up in the darkness, reached around for a nuk and then also found a stuff Buzz Light Year doll.  He sat up and played with the doll for a bit in the darkness and then laid back down, butt raised high in the air and slept for another 30 minutes.  I sighed in disappointment that i was still alone waiting for someone to wake up.  When Jacob finally woke up I went in and we did our little monkey routine to get him out of his crib without me lifting him because Jamie was still sleeping.  Normally I would grab him out and carry him into the family room but now he has to climb down and walk himself.  He just looks so cute as he shuffles down the hallway carrying his little blankie and he climbs right onto the couch and wants to watch Toy Story.  We snuggled for a bit and then did some puzzles together.  It's the best morning I had in awhile, just me and him sitting together doing puzzles.  He was all smiles, so engaged, being silly and extra snuggly.  A good start to the day for sure!

Then my best friend Liz came in for the day.  Apparently she came with the expectation to clean, cook and do laundry.  Apparently she didn't get the memo that the steriods have turned me into a cleaning machine and that our house has NEVER been in better shape.  It was so nice, we got to spend the day talking, playing with the boys and just catching up like girlfriends like to do.  It was a nice escape, felt so good to just be with an old friend talking about non sense.  Liz and I have been best friends since running track in college, we are pretty much the same person and it felt so good to just spend the day with her and forget about all this crap going on in my head.  

Apparently we should have taken a photo together today since this is the most recent photo of us I have! Two years ago as they came to support Owen's Entourage for the Al's Run & Walk.  Thanks again Liz for the amazing day and the three YUMMY dinners you stocked our fridge with!

Then my older sister Kim came and picked me up and took me to dinner at Panera.  Nice to get out of the house and catch up.  Kim has been by our side through some of our scariest moments.  From the Waukesha Memorial NICU where we got news of Owen's brain bleed, to the Children's Hospital ER room when Owen had his first seizure, stopped breathing and was intubated to the Elmbrook ER when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor; Kim was standing there beside us everytime.  I could never thank her enough for always being such a rock to us through everything, never leaving my side, knowing that although I don't always want to talk but need her to just be there.  Pretty surreal tonight that we were sitting in Brookfield at Panera talking about my recent diagnosis while Abi, our younger sister is all the way in Phoenix in labor and delivery about to deliver her first child.  Kim and I will be thinking and praying for Abi all night long as I encourage everyone else that is reading this to do.  That Abi's labor progresses and that tomorrow she delivers a healthy baby girl.  I am ready to celebrate the birth of this baby girl already.  Abi is going to be the most amazing mom, she has already been the most amazing aunt and I am so excited to see her hold her own baby for the first time.  Although I am SO bummed that I will unable to fly down to see her and the baby I can't wait for them to come and see us the very first second they can.   

So today was a great day and I KNOW tomorrow will be amazing, I will be making the announcement of the birth of baby Piper!  

Good night all!


Best Aunt EVER!

The center cookie from my cookie bouquet!!!!  LOVE!


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  1. Dear Allison, I am so glad that you are doing well. We have been praying for you. You got this girl! The steroids are pretty hard to take, especially when we are trying to sleep but you will adjust over time and as soon your doctors start to taper down the dosage you are going to feel better. Give me a call anytime you want, Ed has my phone number. I have some hints I can give you about the whole chemo and radio process, if you want. You are an awesome woman and you will overcome this, I am sure about that!


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