Sunday, December 29, 2013

How beautiful is this flower arrangement I received from Sunbeam Kids and my good friend Katie.  Definitely brightened my day!  THANKS!
Just a short blog tonight, had a really nice day.  I still can't sleep.  Slept from 12:30-4am last night and then was awake for the day.  The good thing is that I am not tired, in fact I am like a machine!  Jacob got up at 6:30 and I had Jamie grab him out of his crib (SO annoying that I can't lift him) and let Jamie crawl back into bed to get a little more sleep while Jacob and I snuggled on the couch, watched Toy Story and ate breakfast together.  Nice to have a quiet morning just the two of us until Owen came barreling down the hall in his new Lego batman pjs that have been on him for like 3 days straight.  Tomorrow will be the battle to get them into the washing machine, wish me luck.  :) 
Feeling a little bit more like normal life again around here.  I am more steady and able to help with the kids more.  Jamie is still constantly checking on me and doesn't seem to really trust that I have a good grasp on things... whatever.  
I finally have my own meds down and can give them to myself instead of Jamie laying it all out for me and I have been giving Owen his meds too.  Weird, but Owen gets medicine three times a day every day for his epilepsy and I just took it for granted that i always had my mind about me to remember to do it.  Jamie has been fully in charge of ALL medication lately but I am slowly taking that back into my court (with Jamie watching closely from the sidelines of course).  Feels good to be able to be get back into the routine again.
Trying to figure out exactly how these next three months of NO driving on my part will work.  Yikes, we have school, doctor's appointments, karate, gymnastics, etc.  You take for granted the luxury of driving until it's gone.  We have had SO many generous offers for help and I will be reaching out and trying to connect all my dots by the end of this week.  Trying to decide what to do with Jacob as well, i just wish I knew how I would handle radiation, I don't want to send him to daycare more than I need to but if I need the extra rest he may be making an appearance at MDO two or three days a week if they will have the little crazy man. 
Not much else new here, I was happy the boys left Jamie alone for a bit this evening so he could watch the amazing end to the Packer game in peace while I played with the boys in the toy room.  Guess I could have stepped up my game and brought Jamie a beer, next time...
Thanks again to everyone that is following our story.  Had to wrap this post up with a quote from my freshman year basketball coach.   This man was my coach in 1996, yikes that is SEVENTEEN years ago!  Anyways, when I was in the waiting room waiting to be wheeled back into surgery the nurse came in and said (i totallly remember this so vividly) that a "Guy" had shown up in the waiting room to be with the family.  Jamie doesn't know Guy and probably just thought of a guy and not someone whose name is Guy.  Anyways, even in my drugged up pre srugery state I immediately said "Guy Balisteri" and explained to Jamie is was my basketball coach.  How blessed am I to have such amazing people that have shaped me through out my life and are still by my side so many years later.  Thank you SO much Guy, I have no idea how you heard or what got you there but thank you for the bottom of my heart for being there and thank you for this amazing quote that you posted today that will wrap up this blog entry.

You were a tough little @#$% when you played for me and it's obvious you still are... You Got This!!!

 - Guy & Sharon Balistreri


{and a few photos from today of my boys}





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  1. Alison, the flowers are beautiful and they make you look brighter just sitting next to them. Glad to hear each day is improving. And yes, you had many many great people in your life and how wonderful that they are still in your life. The thought of Guy showing up at the hospital was amazing. When I was home watching the boys and Kim was in the waiting room; she texted me saying you won't believe who is here...... Guy Balistreri...... by response "Please tell me he is not there for someone in the neurosurgery department also...... and she answers "he is here for Alison"..... Needless to say brought tears to my eyes. God Bless everyone that is taking care of us. I love you - Good Nite from Phoenix. Your pregnant sister is calm and awaiting her appointment tomorrow for yet another set of tests for amniotic fluid, stress and growth. With being 9 days past her due date maybe her doctor will making some decisions on delivery.


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