Sunday, April 13, 2014

MRI on Wednesday

Haven't posted in awhile and this will most likely be a short post.  This past week was supposed to be a nice week, enjoying the nice weather, having a week with no doctor appointments, a week of normalcy.... and it just didn't pan out that way.  

I had the absolute scariest day of my life this past week that has really left me questioning everyone and everything.  It has tested my positivity, my ability to look for the best in everyone and probably forever changed me. 

I need a few more days to regroup, recharge and rethink everything.  I am sorry this is vague, it has nothing to do with my tumor or Owen's health, just an entirely new pile of total crap thrown on my plate.  

This week I go in Wednesday for my MRI.  This is my first MRI since radiation.  We were told the tumor will likely look bigger as they may still be swelling in my brain.  I am absolutely scared to death for the MRI as lately it seems like one bad thing after another.  Hoping I am wrong and the MRI shows good things.  Really just hearing the tumor is the same size would be great.  Then I meet with my doctors and will actually start chemo, possibly Thursday or Friday of this week.  Just really angry that chemo is starting this week and I am in such a funk.  Hoping to have myself pulled back together so I can start chemo on the right foot, in the right frame of mind.  

Thank you everyone for the support and love through out my journey.  

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