Saturday, March 15, 2014


THANK YOU!!!!!  

What an amazing day!  So yesterday was my last day of radiation which was awonerful and then today we had the most amazing day at Karate America for Owen's fundraiser.  Owen is a little ninja at Karate America and I can't say enough great things about them.  It's truly not just karate, in the classes Owen learns discipline, respect, they do all sorts of fun activities that are great for gross motor, they work on their listening skills, are required to answer questions when spoken to by looking their instructor in the eye and speaking loudly.  We did one session with Owen and I knew this was something I wanted to keep him involved in.  It teaches so much and the instructors are so positive and encouraging. 

During Owen's hospital stay at Children's this January I got a phone call from Karate America, they had been following our blog and were interested in coordinating an event to help us.  Well today was the actual event, a board breaking event.  It was AMAZING.  Jamie and I are SO thankful to Karate America AND to the community for coming together to support Owen.  I can't even begin to explain how touched we are.  We met a little guy who all on his own, saved up his money in a giant blue crayon piggy bank to donate to Owen.  He even let Owen keep the piggy bank, what an amazing kid!  We are so thankful to EVERYONE that came out today.  Karate America did an amazing job coordinating today too, there was a lot of people there and it was SO fun and entertaining.  I am still really impressed with Mr. Mealy breaking those five bricks!!!!

Enjoy the photos below of our amazing day! 
 Owen's special board from all the Karate America instructors.

 Owen's special throne for the day.

 Flash kick.

 Practicing for the actual board breaking.

 Owen's cousins breaking some boards!

 School buddies!

GO Carson!!!

Even I broke a few boards.

Special thanks to all Owen's therapists who decorated these fun super hero boards.

 That's a lot of support for Owen!
 This was IMPRESSIVE!!!!  Mr. Mealy broke through FIVE bricks with his elbow!

 Owen got to keep part of one the bricks with a special note from Mr. Mealy.

Looks like someone is tired!

Always enough energy left for ice cream.  :)

So again, thank you SO much to everyone who came out today and donated online.  It means the world to us!  Such an inspiring day!


Thank You,
Jamie, Alison, Owen and Jacob Ziebell

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