Thursday, March 13, 2014

ONE more day of radiation!

Well tomorrow is my LAST day of radiation.  I seriously can't believe how quickly these past six weeks have gone.  A huge thank you to everyone that has helped over the last six weeks from helping babysit, bringing meals, bringing Owen to and from school, driving me to and from the hospital... we could not have made it through the last six weeks without all the love and support from everyone around us.

I am excited to have my last treatment tomorrow and close this chapter, excited to go and ring that bell to announce that I made it through but I am also a little sad.  I have gotten so close with so many people up there in the radiation-oncology department.  Especially the amazing team that is with me everyday, I will definitely miss not seeing them everyday, I sort of feel like they are family!  It will also be weird for me, right now when I go there everyday I feel like I am doing something to BEAT this tumor and now all of a sudden I will just be at home, suddenly thrown back to normalcy.  Will I sit and wonder if my tumor is growing?  Will I constantly think about it?  I hope I am able to just forgot about it for a month and just live a normal life for a bit.  Hopefully my energy comes back quickly and the weather warms up, that would be nice.

So here's to my final radiation tomorrow and then a nice lunch date with Jamie and then a month of normalcy before my MRI in mid-April.  Thanks everyone for the love and support!  It means the world to us!  

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