Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hair Loss - LOTS of hair loss!

Well I KNEW it was coming, the dreaded hair loss.  I was told it generally happens between week 2 and 3 or radiation.  Although I still had this small glimmer of hope that maybe just maybe somehow I would be one of those fluke people who didn't loose their hair, I knew the day was coming very soon.  Well this morning was the day.  Last night my scalp was SO sore and this morning my hair starting coming out in HUGE clumps.  Not sure exactly what I thought it would be like when it came out but literally every piece of hair I touch just falls out. I spend a good portion of today just grabbing clumps of hair and putting it in the garbage trying not to have our whole house covered in this.  Surprisingly I feel okay about it.  My scalp was so irritated the thought of having a nice clean scalp to rub lotion on sounds kind of nice.  I compared it to childbirth. You are SO scared to give birth but by the end of your pregnancy you are so uncomfortable you don't even care anymore, you just want the baby out.  Kind of the same with my hair, I was so scared about it but now my scalp is so sore and irritated, I am not scared anymore, just want some relief.  I took a mirror and looked at back of my head briefly and saw one good bald spot and then just put the mirror back.  It is what it is, and if it is doing this to my hair I am just imaging what it is doing to that stupid tumor! 
Radiation went well today. My good friend Christen came and picked Owen and I up so we could drop the kids off at school and then we went to Froedert and then walked around the mall for awhile. Just felt so good to be out and about for a bit and felt even better to see all the spring clothes in all the stores.  Spring must really be coming!  I don't know why but just seeing shorts and vibrant shirts just really made me so happy!  We mainly looked around Gap Kids and they had such cute stuff.  Made me so excited to see the boys in their summer clothes.  It's so fun after being bundled up all winter to get them back into shorts and short sleeve shirts.  Seeing those skinny little legs, oh I just LOVE that! Then we had a quick lunch at Panera and I got dropped off at home for my afternoon nap.  :)
Jamie's mom was here with Jacob all day which was so nice.  It's so funny to me that Jacob and I both go down for daily naps around 12:30.  In the last 4 or 5 days I have DEFINITELY noticed a huge difference in my energy level so a daily nap is MUCH needed.  Plus I knew Jamie would be working late tonight and that I would be flying solo until bedtime with the boys so I needed to make sure I could handle it.  I had a great evening with the boys and bedtime went just perfectly.  Owen insisted on reading every single super hero book we own so it took a little longer than usual but I loved the extra snuggles!
Why is it that if you KNOW your husband is going to home late from work it's not big deal.  Like today, he told me he would be home around 7 or 8 so I was mentally prepared for it and it was no big deal.  BUT when you expect them home at 5:30 and they come home at 7 or 8, those last few hours are so terrible and you are just counting down the minutes until they walk through that door.  Word to all you dad's out there, give your lovely wife a head's up as to when you will be home, and then BE home at that time.  :)  Makes us much happier which we all know means EVERYONE is happier! 
I know that I have readers from all over but to those local readers, didn't today's weather feel like HEAVEN?  How warm was it?  40 degrees?  It felt like spring, Owen told me they played outside today and when he came in he was ALL sweaty.  You know, because 40 degrees feels near tropical to us after the weather we have had.  I LOVE it though, LOVE that it's supposed to be warm the rest of the week.  
Well I HAVE to stop typing to spend at least 45 minutes cleaning up this house tonight.  Boring, plus I have a drying rack full of dry clothes and two laundry baskets of clean clothes that are both sitting about five feet away from me just begging to be put away.  Plus I should probably dig all of Owen's snow gear out of his back pack and hang that up so it's dry for tomorrow.  
Well my hair may be falling out but spring is on it's way so I will just focus on that!  Plus how can I dwell on my stupid hair when I have these two cuties to hang out.

 Thanks to everyone for following!  Thanks to Christen for the great morning, thanks to Carol for watching Jacob, thanks to Kimmie for driving Owen home today and thanks to my good friend Heather for dinner!  They made me the most amazing cookie too!  Check it out!

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 Good night!

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