Friday, December 20, 2013

December 16th

Just got my head shaved.   I haven't seen it but have been told that it/ not too bad. Just shaved in like 8 random little squares so they could attach stickers for another long MRI. Surgery should be around 1 and take awhile. Probably won't be able to update much until 4 or later but maybe Jamie will. They are just going to drill in and take a tissue sample to biopsy. I could go home tomorrow night or Thursday and then depending on what the biopsy shows I will come back hopefully after Christmas for further surgery/ radiation or chemo 

We have been told the original MRIs and cat scan shows the coloring to be really light which thy have all said is a good thing. They believe this tumor
has been there for awhile too. Please pray the surgery goes just as planned.

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