Thursday, December 26, 2013

A nice NORMAL day!

So after all the medical commotion combined with the craziness of Christmas all I wanted to do today was spend a day with just my three guys, locked inside our house relaxing and playing with all our new toys.  No visitors, no thinking about the future, just enjoying the day and opening up all the Christmas toys.  

The day was a little thrown off by the fact that Jamie ended up getting the stomach bug today.  I guess God really thinks strongly of us to throw a 24 hour stomach bug on top of everything else but I asked for a normal day and that is definitely part of a normal day in any family household.   He started feeling sick last night and then was down for the count around 10am this morning.  He felt so bad that he couldn't help more but he was weak and barely making it himself.  Luckily he was able to get a nice long nap in and the bug was short lived and he has some energy back already. 

I on the other hand felt pretty good AND ambitious!  Took down the real tree, don't worry I took my time and didn't overdue it but I just want our house back in order.  Felt so good to get it all taken down and then Jamie took all the bins to the basement so we could move Jacob's new train table out of the family room and into the space the tree was occupying.  While Jamie was napping I had to feed the kids lunch, not such a big deal but I can't lift Jacob so I couldn't put him in his high chair.  We made due just having him sit on a big boy chair, well actually he spent most of the meal standing on the chair but whatever,  he ate and I didn't lift him.  Felt bad when it was time for his nap I had to wake Jamie to have him lift Jacob into his crib.  When Jacob woke up from his nap, Jamie was PASSED out and there was no way I wanted to wake him so I sat on the ottoman beside Jacob's crib and coached Jacob on how to independently climb out of his crib.  It worked and I can't believe I really just showed him how to do it.  Depending on what happens with our plan of attack, I may not be able to lift him for months so we are going to have to come up with other options to get him in and out of his crib anyways.  He may be switching to a big boy bed much sooner that we would like and we may just have to hope for the best on that front.  

Other than that, we just had a perfectly normal happy day.  Played with a bunch of toys, opened up every single package from Christmas, made a dinner that neither boy took a bite of, Owen insisted he didn't eat his dinner because he wasn't hungry and then not even two minutes after leaving the table returned saying he was starving and wanted nachos.  Called Fed Ex to track down a package of new Gap Body comfy shirts that I REALLY want, says there were delivered to our front door on Christmas Eve which they were NOT!  So annoying but apparently the Fed Ex guy is trying to track down where it went. 

Here are a few photos, from today.  Nothing to exciting but a perfect day non the less.

Owen still feels the need to scowl at my camera.

Jacob sitting and eating like a big boy.

Owen insisted that we open his legos and that I build him an airplane.  Shocker, he sat with me for 5 minutes and then left to play the wii but I finished the airplane so take that!

 The boys playing the wii together.  Owen got a bunch of costumes for Christmas and has been in one costume or another every minute since he opened them.

Tomorrow we meet with my neurosurgeon at 9:45 to remove my staples.  We think he may have the results on my biopsy but we aren't sure if he will share the results with us.  They need to present my case to a committee that reviews everything and comes up with a plan of attack and with all the holidays, their schedule has been thrown off.  Last we heard they MIGHT be meeting Wednesday December 31st to review my case.  I guess they don't like to give results without a game plan to go with it.  So tomorrow may just be staple removal and nothing more but I so hope we get some good news as well. News of a benign tumor that simply needs to be monitored, no surgery, no radiation, just monitoring.... 
Please pray for that.

Also, hope the doctor is ready to get his fingers into this greasy hair!!!  I have never seen anything like this before!  Looking forward to a shower tomorrow, even though I can only use baby shampoo and no product for a long time, just to rinse 14 days of grease will feel AMAZING!


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